Advancing an Inclusive Field


APA Social Equity Task Force

The American Planning Association established a Social Equity Task Force in June 2018. The group, selected and appointed by the APA President, works to identify ways planning practitioners are struggling with social equity and inclusive growth issues, and to identify actual tools and techniques that could be used, in a variety of settings, to implement effective change in this area. Lynn served a member of the task force through December 2018.

APA Planning for Equity Policy Guide

The topic of planning for equity is one that is multi-faceted and of growing concern throughout the field of planning. In response, the American Planning Association initiated the development of a new policy guide to address the issue of planning for equity. Adopted in 2019, the Planning for Equity Policy Guide establishes APA’s official principles and practices on the topic. From 2017 to 2019, Lynn served as the co-chair for effort which involved leading a working group of close to 30 planners from across the country in the research, writing, and editing of the guide as well as an outreach to field that engaged hundreds of planners and allies.

Spaces and Places

Spaces & Places is a grassroots network of urban planners, policymakers, and designers formed in 2016 to amplify work on the issues affecting communities of color that are too often not fully recognized or addressed by professional urban planning and design communities. Our work has resulted in a series of ‘unconference’ convenings held in conjunction with the American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference each year. The 2019 convening, Spaces & Places 2019: People. Power. Justice, assembled nearly 200 urbanists and community leaders in Oakland, CA for day of learning and advocacy.  Since 2017, Lynn has led the fundraising and partnerships work to support Spaces & Places.

Urbanist Leaders of Color

Urbanists of color are significantly underrepresented in the fields of planning, design, architecture and landscape architecture. In 2017, Lynn created the #urbanistleadersofcolor hashtag and @ULOCnetwork to identify and amplify the voices and work of urbanists of color on social media platforms. Now, work is underway to establish a platform to (1) build the urbanist leaders of color network; (2) continue to amplify the voices and work of urbanist leaders of color; and (3) better connect urbanist leaders of color to speaking and leadership opportunities.